Adult Sippy Cup
Sippy Cup
   Adult Sippy Cup | Spill Proof Mug

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For something, though, a little less embarrassing and requiring in explanation with your friends is the Thermos Nissan 14-Ounce Leak-Proof Insulated Travel Mug. A heavy-duty stainless steel mug that can take dings and scratches and still shine like the sun, this gorgeous product is insulated, resilient, and has a fine handle for you to hold on. The best part, though, is the spill proof lid on top that will keep your hot coffee in your mug instead of on your face when your far too peppy significant other/child/sibling/dog whacks you on the back in the morning while you're trying to just wake up so you can start your day by giving a mere growl of annoyance rather than a howl of horrific pain and a 'My suit pants! These were my best suit pants!'.

The best part is that even as your inner child giggles with delight at the sippy cup you hold in your hand, you can still feel unabashed and unembarrassed by the spill proof mug you hold, a paragon of your wisdom. Found on, the list price for this product is 39.99, a purchase well worth the investment. In fact, thanking's wonderful discounts, this product is even more worth it, given that the price of 18.58 is literally less than half the list price!

At these low prices, it's obvious that there's no reason to continue to spill your drinks on your commute to work! Whether you want to take coffee or tea from home, or a bottle of soda from the store on the way, there's a product for you.
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