Adult Sippy Cup
Sippy Cup
   Adult Sippy Cup | Spill Proof Mug

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The concept of the Sippy Cup is a novel yet simple one, a lidded cup that can be tilted so that it won't spill for children. I'm sure, just like me, everyone has spilled coffee all over their hand and let out a stream of rather impolite words, wishing that they had some sort of lid. Some may think back to the time when their parents gave them such cups, some may not, but the point is that such a spill was averted. You ask yourself why adults don't have such cups. You ask yourself why can't you, with so much more grace than your awkward four-year-old, maintain the liquid in your cup and keep it from staining your beautiful dress. You begin to ask why the universe is so cruel and that gravity just PULLS the liquid all over you.

But the universe is not cruel. The universe is just, and fair, and kind, because such things do exist! There are spill-proof containers for your coca cola. There are mugs which you can tilt and not burn yourself even after filling to the brim with coffee! There are sippy cups made for adults! Rejoice and know truth!

In fact, there are many such truths. We can call them spill-proof mugs if we want to, we can call them many things, but they are indeed the age-old children's sippy cups, but for grown men and grown women. I'll walk you through some of the better examples which I've found on the internet that can be bought inexpensively. And though you may be hesitant to buy yet another cup when your cupboards are all full, ask yourself this: Do all of your cups do something different? The primary differences between quite a number of the cups in your cupboard boil down to 'Holds liquid', 'Holds more liquid', and 'Holds liquid while keeping it hot or cold'. I'm here to introduce you to a cup that 'Holds liquid without spilling it', an important distinction, and one that gives any or every one of these products a place in your home, and in your life.

A good place to start is a product that turns an existing item into an adult sippy cup. The Spill-Proof Cap Combo Pack by One Step Ahead is a product meant to convert juice and water bottles into sippy cups for children, retailing with four separate, dishwasher safe caps and two included adaptor rings to adjust for smaller-than-standard water bottles. While the product is primarily meant to help one's children be able to drink straight from a water or juice bottle, it works just the same for an adult who doesn't want to keep screwing and unscrewing the cap on their favorite bottle of soda every time they want to take the smallest sip of refreshment, or risk having their drink tipped over by a clumsy friend or a hyperactive dog. The product retails for the low price of 8.95 plus shipping and handling and is well worth the purchase for anyone with children that knock things over, pets that knock things over, friends that knock things over, or fingers.
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